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Why Would Anyone Tint Their Homes Windows?

This is probably one of the questions we hear the most.

There are many reasons to tint your homes windows. A few primary reasons are privacy, safety, comfort, aesthetics, UV protection and most of all energy savings.

UV Protection- Window film is proven to block 99% of the suns UV rays. By stopping UV you reduce the glare and protect your upholstery, paintings, and valuable furnishings from fading.

Safety- After applying window film to the surface, the film helps hold the glass together in the event of an accident or attempted break in.

Aesthetics- If you are looking for that "finished" look, look no further than widow film. While stopping glare, you can also choose from a full line of decorative films to give you that etched glass look for a fraction of the cost.

Comfort- Window film keeps rooms warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This leads to energy savings.

Privacy- With the reflective qualities of window film you can block others from seeing in during daytime, all while having a clear view out.

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